Knife-carrying clown intimidates people on subway, chases teen: NYPD

Stephen Brace / Flikr

A person brandishing a knife and wearing a clown mask intimidated riders on a subway train Wednesday afternoon and then chased a teenager out of an Upper East Side train station, police said.

The clown blocked the doorway of a 6 train, preventing people from exiting, according toNBC New York.A 16-year-old boy pushed past, ran through a turnstile and darted up the stairs at the 96th Street station on Lexington Avenue. When helooked back, the clown was chasing him and flashing a kitchen knife.

The incident, which happened around 4 p.m., comes just daysafter the NYPD told New Yorkers to not buy into the hype about creepy clown threats.

Police said the boy escaped without injury. The person wearing the clown mask is unknown at this time, though police are looking for him or her. That person could face charges if caught.

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