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Know your allies, says author

Who’s Got?Your Back

Author: Keith?Ferrazzi
Publisher: Broadway Books
Price: $29.95

Keith Ferrazzi is a guy who has had some tremendous success in his career both as an executive working with mega firms such as Deloitte and Starwood Hotels and now with his own consulting firm Ferrazzi Greenlight.

He is the first to tell you that his greatest success has come from building a small number of close relationships versus having a plenitude of connections.

I’m fortunate to know Ferrazzi, having met him at a conference three years ago, and have had great success using the teachings from his first book, my bible, Never Eat Alone. Ferrazzi’s second title, Who’s Got Your Back, shows the importance of identifying key people in your life who will act as your own personal board.

Having seen Ferrazzi recently, it’s clear he has been practising what he’s been teaching.

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