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Kobra and the Lotus to charm metal fans

Although she was classically trained for almost a decade, you won’t find the lead singer of Kobra and the Lotus listening to Pavarotti or Domingo.

Brittany Paige learned how to sing operatically by going to Kiwanis festivals and pursuing classical music for the better part her young life.

“I don’t listen to opera, interestingly enough,” said the 21-year-old Calgarian.

“I prefer to listen to piano, I love classical piano.”

As a young lady, Paige had aspirations of continuing on with opera music until she discovered hard rock and joined a band.

“I don’t find it’s a huge crossover at all,” she said.

“It was just a way to be more myself when I was finding my identity after high school. It was a way to be more myself and sing the way I wanted to at the same time.”

Kobra and the Lotus — with Paige on vocals, Chris Swenson and Matt Van Wezel on guitar, Griffin Kissack on drums and Ben Freud on bass — released their first album, Out of the Pit, in March and are coming to the Pawn Shop for some heavy metal mayhem on May 8.

“We’ve been to Edmonton four times now. The last show we played at the Starlite Room with Striker and that was amazing,” Paige said.

“It was pretty much a full house and it was so fun.”

After Edmonton, Kobra and the Lotus hit the road on a cross-Canada tour starting May 15 in Toronto.

“It’s the coolest thing we’ve done so far,” Paige said. “We’re starting there and we’re just going to be basically hitting every town and city in Canada. It’s pretty extensive.”

The tour wraps up at the beginning of September in Tennessee.

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