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Korean joint satisfies in taste but not in time

One of the new kids on the block in the West End is the newly opened Korean joint Kim Bob Chun Gook.

It’s tailor made for Korean international students and their friends. Not to mention anyone who loves Korean food.

The atmosphere is lively with K-pop, punk and hip hop music. It can get too loud though, especially when they turn the TV on directly above you.

Stick to ordering one dish. A side order of tuna sushi ($3.50) is nearly a meal unto itself.

That said, I crammed myself full of chapjae ($9.99). Translucent potato noodles, veggies and beef stir-fried with sesame oil are worth the rather long wait.

The chapjae comes with kimchi, pickled radish and warm cooked potatoes. The kimchi could use more kick, but the potatoes are deliciously spicy. Shame they’re cold by the time the entrée arrives.

But when the service is on point, it’s warm and friendly. Would I eat there again? Absolutely, when I’d have more time.

Should they decide to add more service staff, this place will be buzzing in no time.

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