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Kristen Bell is the world’s best mom already

Kristen Bell will star in the new Kristen Bell=Pretty awesome mom.
Credit: Reuters

Kristen Bell is keeping a pretty progressive outlook when it comes to parenting 10-month-old daughter Lincoln, especially when it comes to sex.

“People ask, ‘Oh, well you’ve done some sexy material. Do you want her to see that?’ And I’m like, ‘My guess is if she’s anything like the other 5 billion people on the planet, she’s going to grow up and enjoy sex, so I’m not going to be shocked by that,'” Bell tells “Chelsea Lately” during an interview.

“I just think you’re setting yourself up for disaster if you try to keep them little. She’s going to grow up. She has — newsflash — a vagina, and she’s going to figure it out one day, and more power to her.”

Bell and Lincoln’s father, actor DaxShepard, gothitched at the Beverly Hills County Clerk’s office on October 17th. According to TMZ, they were only planning to go to the courthouse to pick up a marriage license, but when a clerk offered to marry them on the spot, they grabbed an empty courtroom and did the deed.