Kristen Bell’s ‘boob job’ in ‘CHiPs’ revealed—’use ’em while you got ’em’ – Metro US

Kristen Bell’s ‘boob job’ in ‘CHiPs’ revealed—’use ’em while you got ’em’

Kristen Bell’s ‘boob job’ in ‘CHiPs’ revealed—’use ’em while you got ’em’
Peter Iovino

On the set of the buddy cop com “CHiPs,”Kristen Bell and (real life) husband Dax Shepard had a minor disagreement — and it’s kind of a funny story.

In the film, starring and directed by Shepard, Bell has a supporting role as his vapid, estranged ex-wife.“I wanted [my character] to be very stereotypical L.A., and I wanted her to have an aggressive boob job,” explains the 36-year-old actress.To achieve that look, Bell, who was breastfeeding at the time, didn’t pump for 24 hours. “I told the kids, ‘the food truck is closed,’” jokes the mom of two.

In one revealing scene, Shepard wanted her to zip up her bathing suit a little bit, telling her she was “pulling focus” away from the dialogue with her cleavage. But Bell stood her ground, intent on “exploiting [herself],” she jokes. “I was like, listen, if there’s one time in my life I’m going to have big, nice boobs, it’s when I’m breastfeeding — why not use ‘em while you got ‘em!”

Bickering aside, Bell says she loved being on set with her husband. She credits their strong relationship to couples therapy, which she says helped them work through some big issues. “We disagree on almost everything, and to make that work you just have to learn how to communicate effectively,” she explains.

Bell has been outspoken about her own struggles with anxiety and depression — and fighting the stigma around mental health issues. “No good comes from anything when it’s left in the dark. Seeking treatment is something that should be celebrated, not shamed,” she explains.

In addition to therapy, the L.A. resident has daily strategies to keep herself in balance, from meditating when she needs a break —“My anxiety is always boosted by multitasking,” she says, (Kristen, same) — to working out. “Those endorphins are key to everything,” says Bell. She loves to take long walks with her dog or go on a nearby hike, and is just getting into yoga, which she says she finds “very calming.”

For Bell, an eco-conscious lifestyle goes hand in hand with healthy choices.

Ahead of Earth Day, Bell partnered with Tide purclean, a new 65 percent plant-based detergent, to introduce their new clean energy campaign. The brand encourages folks to take the#CleanPledge— vowing to adopt energy-saving methods and sharing the hashtag on social media — with $5 donated from every pledge to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

“As a mom I obviously need clean clothes, but I also care a lot about the environment I’m leaving my children,” explains Bell, who has two daughters under three. “The challenge is to get more households to be environmentally conscious when they’re doing their laundry.”

Bell is a firm believer that acts of service alleviate anxiety. “You can receive self-esteem by doing esteemable acts — so helping anyone around you, helping conserve the environment will make you feel better,” she says. “It’s basic math.”

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