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Kylie Jenner launches #iammorethan anti-bullying Instagram campaign

Kylie Jenner
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With over 34.5 million Instagram followers, there’s a lot of eyes on Kylie Jenner’s photos. Most of the pics she posts are selfies and backshots, but yesterday she posted a very different type of photo, marking the launch of her #iammorethan anti-bullying campaign.

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All week, Jenner will be posting a photo of someone who has been bullied. She says she’s gotten to know these men and women and come to love them, and wants everyone else to get to know them, too. The first photo she posted is of a 21-year-old woman named Renee with Pfieffer Syndrome, which causes facial deformities.Check out the full post below — which already has 872,000 likes!

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#Day1 – Renee DuShane (@ALittlePieceofInsane) a 21 year old college student who was born with #PfiefferSyndrome. Renee described it as “a genetic disorder where the bones in my face don’t really know how to fuse correctly so part of my jaw is really small. I had to have surgery when I was born so that my brain could grow.” Renee is so strong willed and a super intelligent girl who told me that while growing up she never had many issues with bullying. “I went to school with all the same kids all the way through high school. Right around senior year, I started getting very anxious about having to explain my condition to all of the new people I would meet in college. I started going on Tumblr and saw lots of profiles of positive, confident people” that inspired her to start sharing her photos even with her insecurities. “It’s so hard to keep myself from responding to the negative comments,” she told me. “Even harder is keeping my friends from getting angry.” It’s so important to have a great group of friends. Renee also told me about the tattoo she recently got of her life motto: Stay Strong, Always Love. “Loving is always going to be a better place than hating,” she shared. Check out Renee’s Instagram @ALittlePieceofInsane – she’s showing the world #IAmMoreThan my forehead. I love you Renee! She is so awesome & inspiring. Renee taught ME that #IAmMoreThan the negative comments that I read.

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