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LA-based photographer Ari Fararooy takes great pride in his selfies

We take selfies all the time but how many of our shots can match up to these creative, eye-popping works of self-obsession? With the help of drones and striking locations Ari Fararooy, LA-based photographer, prides himself on snapping self-portraits, each one more cleverly composed than the last.

Do you want to change the trend of selfies?

Well honestly, I don’t really care either way. I guess it could be cool to see others being more creative with their selfies, but I wouldn’t mind if the trend stayed as it is.

Why should fans of self portraits be more creative?

They really don’t have to, but if certain people enjoy being unique and expressive, then taking creative ‘selfies’ or self-portraits’ is a fun thing to do.

What is your recommendation to take more creative self-portraits?

With photography in general, the best way to be creative is experimentation. Testing different camera angles and poses is a good way to start. But also, try to express how you feel at that point and you will ultimately come up with a one-of-akind selfie. .

What inspired you to take this kind of images?

Just like anyone else, I like to have photos of myself while traveling and visiting places. And I also enjoy being creative and unique with my photos, so I decided to mix both ideas and take unique photos of myself.

Do you use especial equipment to take this photos?

I use my SLR camera, a tripod, and a 10-second self timer.