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Lack of access ices dad’s dream

Hockey is a big part of Glen Scott’s life — even with the loss of his legs — but for the father of three, coaching has been nearly impossible.

Scott lost his legs 10 years ago after contracting flesh-eating disease and has been wheelchair-bound ever since.

While Scott has trained as a coach, he has never been able to enter the players’ box to coach his two boys in hockey.

“I grew up playing hockey so it would have been nice (to) experience the other side with coaching,” he said.

“It’s not impossible for a guy in a wheelchair to coach, it would just be difficult.”

Scott said because the player’s boxes are small, it would be hard to get a wheelchair in, and in many rinks it’s impossible to get in the box without going across the ice.

After being involved with building rinks for the last 30 years, Brian Cochrane of the South Fish Creek Recreation Complex said he’s noticed rinks are becoming more accessible.

“It’s come a long way and there’s a lot more thought that goes into it,” he said.

“Just because you’re in a wheelchair, you should have the same advantage as anyone else.”

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