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Lakers Andre Iguodala NBA Trade Rumors Celtics Sixers Clippers

Lakers Andre Iguodala NBA Trade Rumors Celtics Sixers

The Lakers have been hoping that Andre Iguodala is going to be bought out by the Grizzlies, as they still have one roster spot open, but that is simply wishful thinking. Grizzlies Vice President of Basketball Operations Zach Kleiman rightfully sees Iguodala as an asset, and one that he can build up a market for ahead of February’s trade deadline.

Expect Iguodala to be one of the biggest names available in the next five months.

One team that could come calling for Iguodala’s services this winter are the Celtics, who are in the catbird seat among contenders when it comes to making one more move. Danny Ainge strategically held on to his assets this summer when other teams were unloading their entire war chest in order to land one of the big fish in a trade or via free agency.

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Boston will have first pick for whichever player(s) become available.

The C’s could use another defensive-minded veteran, and Iguodala certainly fits the bill.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons recently discussed the likelihood of an Iguodala trade on Simmons’ podcast, with all signs pointing to the Clippers as the most likely landing spot. 

Lowe: Can you imagine if [the Clippers] got Iguodala, who they want, and they could throw Iguodala, Kawhi and Paul George at LeBron for 48 minutes? I mean, that’s the best you can do. That’s the three best guys to guard LeBron in the entire league you can throw at them, all on the same team.

Simmons: My guess is that’s where he ends up. And I think it’s an important question because he does have two years left as the sage, Robert Horry kind of guy who’s been there, been in every big moment. And he has just a tiny bit left in the tank. I could see it.

Lowe: He’s good. Andre’s a good player. He’s a ‘save yourself for when it matters player, but he’s good. 

Simmons: I do think that’s where he ends up, with the Clippers.

Another team to watch when it comes to Iguodala is the Sixers. Iguodala, of course, began his career in Philly and would give that team even more valuable playoff experience with Al Horford now in tow. It’s not necessarily a need in Philly right now, but landing Iguodala would make one of the top defensive teams in the league, an all-time great defensive unit overnight. Iguodala would also give the Sixers another option to take a big shot late in the fourth quarter, an area of concern after Jimmy Butler fled to South Beach.

All told, though, if the Sixers do make a significant trade this winter, it will be for a scoring guard.

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