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Lamar Odom dies, at least according to the Instagram account of dead head JR Smith

“RIP LO” may replace “Dewey Defeats Truman” as the most incorrect media (social or otherwise) headline of all-time.

Around 9 this morning, the Instagram account of NBA player JR Smith (teamswish) posted the following:

“RIP LO damn man I can’t believe this… If this isn’t a sign I don’t know what is!!! This life is so much bigger then basketball an any other sport! I can’t imagine what he was going through but I know he could have had some better people in his corner! Life doesn’t care how much money you made or how man championships you have when its time to go it’s time to go! Some people say “it’s easy to be happy you have millions!” With all the money that comes trust an believe it comes with just as much heartache! Learning a balance is key never get to high on the highs an never get to low on the lows! #RIPLO

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Odom was found unconscious in a brothel last night but has not yet passed away.

Smith got 3,131 comments on his account regarding the post, all basically calling him a dummy.

“He’s not dead you f***ing piece of s*** no wonder you lost the championship come mierda,” said hiimrgb.

“He’s still alive wtf,” said shauncyclaud.

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Vanessa Bryant, the wife of former teammate Kobe Bryant, was disgusted by the news that some people like Smith were posting on social media the Odom had died.

“People shouldn’t be posting/reposting that [Lamar] is deceased when it isn’t true,” Bryant told TMZ. “Just imagine what his loved ones must feel like to receive such terrible news.”

Odom was in a coma at a Las Vegas hospital, according to reports Wednesday afternoon.

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