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Lamar Odom needs a kidney: report

Lamar Odom needs a kidney: report
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Lamar Odom is on the road to recovery, but he’s hit something of a bump, as the reality TV personality reportedly is in need of a new kidney, according to Us Weekly. But while kidney failure seems like plenty enough of a concern, it’s apparently not the most pressing portion of his prognosis. A source explains that while Odomis “definitely” in need of a kidney transplant, his brain injury iscurrently “of the most concern” for friends and family, including estranged wife Khloe Kardashian.

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“That’s the most serious thing he’s dealing with,” the source says.”The doctors just don’t know the extent of all the damage yet. There are still a lot of tests that need to be done.He’ll get more of his motor skills back gradually, but cognitively, he’s not where he used to be.”

“He can say a few words” but isn’t speaking in full sentences,another source says. “He’s doing a tiny bit better, but he has a very long road back to full recovery — if that.”

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Meanwhile,several staffers at Nevada’s Sunrise Hospital were reportedly fired after trying to sneak snapsof the former NBA star while he was under care there, according to TMZ — which is particularly amusing because who the hell do you think they were going to try to sell them to? The new fires also reportedly tried to access Odom’s medical records, which is obviously a big no-no. Maybe one of them can get un-fired if a kidney donation is on the table.

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