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Latest drama for gov. is his family

Add this to Gov. David Paterson’s woes: Cops caught his 15-year-old son playing dice near his Upper West Side school and when they asked him for ID, found he had someone else’s debit card, according to published reports.

Police brought Alex Paterson, a student at Beacon High School, to the nearby 20th Precinct around 3 p.m. to question him about the card. It was listed as “lost/stolen,” but had no stolen card report, according to the New York Post.

He was “subsequently released to his parents,” Paterson’s press secretary Marissa Shorenstein said in a statement, adding, “The governor and the first lady ask that their privacy is respected during this personal time.”

He was not arrested or charged with anything, sources said. A juvenile report for loitering was written at the precinct but requires no court appearance.

A distraught-looking first lady Michelle Paterson picked her son up from the station around 5 p.m. He got in the chauffeured SUV and covered himself with blankets to hide from the photographers, the New York Daily News reported.

The governor has owned up to some spots on his own past record, admitting that he and his wife both had extramarital affairs and to using cocaine and marijuana while in his 20s.

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