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LeBron’s current indecision is worst than infamous ‘The Decision’

lebron james, sad, losing, game 5, spurs, nba, finals, crying Lebron James reacts on the bench against the San Antonio Spurs during Game Five of the 2014 NBA Finals at the AT&T Center on June 15, 2014 in San Antonio, Texas. Credit: Getty Images

Almost four years ago to the day, LeBron James, and faithful companion Jim Grey announced to the world in outrageous self-aggrandizing pomp and circumstance that he was “taking his talents to South Beach.”

A free agent again, the hype is alive and potent, just as it was in 2010.

Police reportedly hung around James’ residence in Ohio around 3 p.m., the time some news outlets said his decision would be made, just in case the Cleveland Cavaliers fans decided to get rowdy. The Cavs of course, just completed a three-team trade to open up cap space they said they needed “immediately” in order to possibly ink the four-time regular season MVP. Today is the first day NBA free agents are allowed to ink contracts with a new team.

ESPN, Fox Sports and NBC sports (along with every other sports-related news outlet in the country) have been devoting a remarkable amount of time and speculation as to what his decision might be.

The World Cup could help us get his answer. No really, it could. James is set to attend the finals match between Germany and Argentina this Sunday, so it is very possible that he announces his decision before leaving for Brazil.

Though the question of where seems to me a two-team race between the Heat and the Cavs, the more intriguing questions could be just when and how he announces.

As if the media would give you a different option, stay tuned.

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