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Let AI help you find your dream job

Let AI help you find your dream job

People generally wind up falling into the same disappointing career arcs over and over again. By no fault of their own, of course. But it usually goes a little something like this: You (hopefully) graduate from the school your dreams only to find out that you can’t simply rest on your degree in order to land an amazing career. You have to sweat it out for years at internships or entry-level positions in order to climb the corporate ladder. But what happens when you never reach those professional expectations even though you have been playing by the rules? Well, you might not be playing the same game as everyone else. 

The career-focused start-up Zippia is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a way that is moneyballing the job market. By extracting data from over 8 million resumes as well as information pulled from government searches and surveys, they create comprehensive reports showing all of the outside factors that can affect your chances of getting a specific position in all of the different parts of the country. 

Their site also allows you to input your own specific preferences for things that you are looking for in a job in order to whittle the options in your area based on what you input. And when I say “specific”, that’s exactly what they mean. You can choose such pinpointed searches as “working outside” or “how long will I have to be standing?” in order to thin out available positions close by that meet your standards.     

Once you have submitted your criteria and experience level, Zippia generates a career track showing you how long it will take for you to land your dream job. Let’s say you just left college and you studied, ahem, “journalism”. The chart they will generate for you will show you possible entry-level careers like “staff writer” or “editorial assistant” and then how much experience it will take to be hired or promoted to a “communications director” or “senior editor”.   

As David Luther, a content marketing editor at Zippia, believes using their AI generated reports can help someone make realistic choices while trying to enter the workforce after college. Just think of it as your robot guidance counselor.   

“Our main goal is to get you on the right track.” he explains, “If you’ve got 5 years of work experience and you’re coming from a top-tier school the positions available to you are going to be slightly different than if you are fresh out of college with no internships or experience and you’re dead set on getting a job in New York City.”

By using Zippia’s AI to hack the job market, you can be as informed as possible on what’s available after earning your degree. “If nothing else,” Luther explains, “it will give you exactly what you need to know about the career path you are choosing.” 

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