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Let loose in the Arizona desert

Your first day in Arizona, in the heart of the Sierra Ancha’s stones, try gearing up with a wetsuit and a helmet to inspect the Salome Canyon underworld.

Scramble and swim in some of the most spectacular natural playgrounds in the world. At times down in the canyon, you will be able to touch both granite walls rising 200-feet above you and rappel a 40-feet rushing waterfall.

Spend a divine night at the luxury Royal Palms Resort and Spa, and wake up early to climb the Camelback Mountain in Phoenix. Imagine the sensation of making one with the mountain, of floating like a bold eagle above the rocks while admiring the sunrise on the city. Take the afternoon to go deeper in the Sonora desert and hike among the boulders.

Get on your mountain bike on the third day and race among cacti and other unwelcoming, yet beautiful spiky trees in McDowell Regional Park.

Make sure not to step on a rattlesnake or a tarantula nest; they abound in the area.

Unwind in the afternoon, kayaking on the gentle stream of the Salt River, where you might come across wild mustangs.

On day four, you will board a Cessna (a four-seater plane) to fly over the Grand Canyon. In the Grand Canyon National Park, sore muscles permitting, you will embark on a 1200-foot descent down the canyon. It’s a spectacular trek through more than 40 million years of geological history.

Save a day to drive down to Tucson and live among cowboys for a while at the White Stallion Ranch.

If you go

Canyoneering, climbing: 360-adventures.com

Mountain biking, kayaking, hiking: aoa-adventures.com

Grand Canyon flying: westwindairservice.com

Horseback riding: wsranch.com

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