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Letter to Metro editor

Bit by bit, the Harper “Cons” continue to “con” the Canadian public by slyly dismantling, or reducing to minimal, the core practices of our essential, traditional statutes.

The long form of the Statistics Canada census is just another casualty in the increasingly lengthy list.

Today, where we can Google the exact location where you and I live, and where there is virtually nothing the government or its agents cannot find out about us, does it make any sense for Industry Minister Tony Clement to feign intrusiveness of the long-form census? What a paradox.

Moreover, the data StatsCan collects and analyzes on the long form are used collectively and anonymously to compile statistical trends on all aspects of the Canadian population.

Lastly, the annual income tax form is much more intrusive (one of the sacred secrets of Canadians is how much money we earn) than the long-form census. If the Harper “Cons” can get away with this one, will complainants soon lobby them to get rid of the income tax forms?

And what excuse will the “Cons” have for maintaining the intrusiveness of the tax forms?

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