Letters to the editor: Tuesday November 1, 2011 - Metro US

Letters to the editor: Tuesday November 1, 2011

The country is heavily in debt, we are heading into a double-dip recession and what is this so-called Conservative government doing? Well, why not spend a fortune and add more seats to the House of Commons. Yes, indeed, more MP salaries, expensive staff and money flushed down the toilet yearly.

Reduce the amount of seats where the provinces are over represented such as Quebec. This fixes the problem without costing a fortune.

Anthony Silvestro, Ottawa

RE: Protecting Lightfoot’s legacy, published Oct. 31

Thank you for the interesting reading about the Canadian musical legend.

He may be a “mean drunk and a bad husband,” but the immutable fact remains — his music transcends any personal flaws he might have. He is one of the few Canadian music icons popular worldwide.

I judge the High Priest of Canadian music only on the basis of his fabulous, immortal music for which I am, forever, thankful — nothing else.

Harry S. Anchan, Calgary

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