Life + Style = Da Capo - Metro US

Life + Style = Da Capo

Da Capo Lifestyle Caffe
8738 – 109 Street

Rating: **** 1/2
Dinner for two: $45
Signature Dish: Pizza Rosso di Bernardo ($14.50)
Signature Drink: Drink: Cappucino ($4.25)

With its sleek, modern decor and refined menu, Da Capo Lifestyle Caffe fits perfectly into its trendy University-area digs. That Saturday afternoon, the bistro was quite busy as hipster couples lingered over their lunches.

I debated pizza vs. panino, but the margherita crust on the former won me over. Along with my four-cheese pizza rosso di Bernardo ($14.50, “rosso” refers to the tomato sauce base, rather than the “biancha” pizzas made with olive oil), I added a cappuccino ($4.25), because Da Capo trains their staff very well in drawing the perfect shot.

My coffee was, of course, delicious. It was exquisitely crafted and slightly bitter, with blended foam on top. I was delighted by the pizza as well. Though the crust ended up drooping under the weight, the combination of mozzarella, friulano and gorgonzola was outstanding, and I adored the dollop of ricotta in the middle of every slice.

The best part of the meal, however, came at the end. I stood with my family and debated which creamy, freshly-made gelato to savour. I ended up with an arresting cinnamon ($4.75) after indulging liberally in the tasting spoons. Apparently, the affogato ($6) is the way to go, drowning a scoop of gelato in a shot of espresso!

If you want to describe your night as hip, trendy, exquisite or stylish, Da Capo is the place to go.

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