For those who seem to leave behind their umbrella in a restaurant, or always mislay their house keys, help is on hand – in the shape of techy dongles and gizmos that will remind you on your stuff’s whereabouts.

1 Don’t forget your umbrella

Who has never left their brolly behind in a restaurant, at school or on the bus? The Davek Alert Umbrella promises to stop these tragic events from ever happening again; the ‘smart’ device will alert you that it has been forgotten with a smartphone notification. In the handle of the umbrella, there’s a tiny Bluetooth-operated “proximity chip” that broadcasts the signal when you’re roughly 30 feet (9.14 meters) away from it. Battery life on the brolly lasts up to three years.


The iOS/Android app is also equipped with a weather module that warns you if you’ll need an umbrella for the day ahead.


Available on Kickstarter, $79 for pre-order.

2 If you always mislay your keys...

The little tracker device called Tile is the ‘smart’ companion if you require constant assurance where your bag, keys, TV remote control or wallet is located. Simply stick the dainty device onto an object, or affix it onto a key ring. An iOS/Android app on your phone uses a map and radar-style interface that indicates how far away your tracker is, within a 50-150 foot (15.24 - 45.72 meters) location range. The app supports up to 8 trackers.


This water-resistant gadget can even communicate with other Tile dongles, in case one Tile becomes mislaid. Once it has been found, the user will be notified on its location.

Available at Thetileapp.com, $25 each

3 Got everything for the road?

Did you ever forget to bring something to work while you’re driving to the office? If yes, perhaps it’s time to invest in a gadget like Bringr Car, which not only operates as a smart car charger for all your devices, but also as a reminder to bring the most important things before you drive off. Just tag your important stuff like keys, laptop or lunchbox with a Bringr dongle and using Bluetooth the Bringr Car device lets you know if you left behind any of your important daily items at home.


Available on Kickstarter, $59 (sold together with another device, the Bringr Tag, that you can use on anything you need the most to find instantly)

4 Find everything and everyone

Dubbed “the smallest and most sophisticated GPS locators”, Locca are a group of lost-item tracker hardware that enables you to locate your stuff – even your children. The LoccaMini can be used for tracking any item, like luggage, keys or a bike, and the LoccaPhone has been developed to locate larger items and people, such as cars, children or the elderly.


With a pre-installed SIM card embedded within the trackers, both can locate objects and people in real-time, with the user being alerted if they move away from a specific safety area.

The LoccaPhone can also operate as a phone for emergency purposes.

Available at Locca.com, LoccaPhone $223 (€149.95) and LoccaMini $149 (€99.95). Both prices without service plan.

5 If you need more than a tracker gizmo

Versatility is the name of the game for Gecko, a multi-functional smartphone accessory. The gizmo can be used as a tracker, an alert-notifier, a trigger for taking selfies, as well as a music controller for your smartphone’s music apps.


Gecko can also be used as a luggage tag, which utilises a ‘do-not-touch’ option against unwarranted handlers and notifies the user when it arrives at the airport’s baggage-claim area.

Gecko can operate using gesture control and is couple by an iOS/Android app.

Available at Store.geckotag.me, $37.55 each

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