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7 foods to protect your skin from winter

Eat your way to healthier skin.

All the moisturizer in the world couldn't hold up to what Mother Nature has been doling out these past few weeks. Besides treating your skin more gently — you’re taking shorter showers, using mild soaps and patting yourself dry instead of rubbing, right? — you could be doing more to keep it looking and feeling healthy.

Drinking plenty of water is key since, between the harsh wind and moisture-sapping central heating, your skin is grappling with the extremes of both the indoors and outdoors. And cut out as much sugar as possible; besides making your metabolism yo-yo, it’s aging you faster by interfering with collagen production. So keep green tea handy — besides keeping you hydrated, it’s packed with catechins that boost blood flow — and add these foods to your diet to keep your cheeks rosy.

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