A new partnership between Penn State and Philly’s largest high school

The pilot program will give eligible students access to scholarships and campus visits.

The students will also have the opportunity to visit the campuses on an annual busMoodboard RF

Penn State is making it easier for students from Philadelphia’s largest high school to enroll there.


Since 2011, the university has been working with Northeast High School to help students make their way to campus. As a result, the number of Northeast students who have applied to the school has grown by a third — with 18 percent gaining admission.


Last week, Penn State unveiled the new Raise Scholarships, a pilot program that helps Northeast students accumulate up to $16,000 toward Penn State tuition. Students who are eligible must meet criteria set by the university, which said it would consider things like grades in core coursework, overall improvement in grade point average and enrollment in honors, advanced placement or international baccalaureate courses.


“We knew that this was a great opportunity to provide direct help to students who want to go to Penn State. Penn State brought their abilities, persistence and support to the table,” said Northeast’s principal Sharon McCloskey in a statement. “But we also realized that this would reinforce and build on the going-to-college culture at Northeast.”


Among the benefits offered to Northeast students through the initiative include:

• An annual panel discussion on college readiness

• A financial aid event that will allow families to review aid packages

• Bus trips each spring to the Abington and State College campuses for interested juniors and seniors

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