Alice Temperley says forget the LBD and throw on something glitzy this holiday seaProvided

New Year's Eve is around the corner and now that you've (finally) figured out what party you'll hit up to bring in 2015, it's all about what to wear for the big night. Designer Alice Temperley, the woman behind some of the most photographed dresses in the world — including those worn by the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa Middleton — talks to us about getting glam during party season.


What does the holiday season mean to you?
For me, the holiday season is very family-orientated and always comes with great music. Christmas and New Year are good excuses to get out of my day suit and wear something decadent and playful, but comfortable at the same time because your outfit has to be comfy enough for dancing.


What do you plan on wearing this year?
I'll be wearing a long fitted dress, which is good for dancing, and it will be quite embellished and decadent. It’s a time when you can dress up and have fun with your clothing. At home, I’ll be barefoot but if I’m out, I will go for comfortable heels. I always wear red lips even when I’m at home —I feel naked without it, so it will be red lips and for eyes, a little bit of mascara with no eyeshadow.


What are your alternatives to the LBD?
The holidays are a great time to wear, not just your little black dress, but something sparkly, which glitters and shines, especially when the weather is all dark and moody. You can wear a black dress any time of the year but holidays are about dressing up and decorating yourself. For men, I think a Saint Laurent super chic three-piece suit is the best — that’s what my husband will be wearing for New Year’s.


What’s your secret to getting your look just right without going over-the-top?
I try to go over-the-top at all times of the year! But [the Holidays] are definitely a time where you can wear a lot of gold with a beautiful cashmere shawl, feathers, and all of those beautiful decadent textures that for once you can put altogether. If you have an embellished dress on, don’t wear much make-up and accessories. If you have a plain dress on you can wear lots of beautiful accessories and groom your hair, for example — do one or the other but not everything at the same time.


What’s your best memory of a New Year’s party?
My best New Year’s party was at Cuixmala on Mexico’s Pacific coast. It was so beautiful, there were thousands of candles and we were dancing on the beach – it was the most amazing New Year’s party you could imagine.

What are the essentials of a great party?
It would be music, lighting and, above all, good company. I like to make apple cocktails: my parents have a cider farm so we use the fruit juice from the farm to make really nice drinks like one that we call Orchard Mist. We also have champagne with a beautiful eau de vie cherry and cherry juice.

Showbusiness awards season is coming. Which celebrity would you love to dress for the red carpet?
I love actresses who are fantastic at what they do like Marion Cotillard — I’d love to dress her — Audrey Tautou or Salma Hayek. I don’t think I’ve ever dressed Angelina Jolie and I’d like to do it simply because she is so beautiful — a rare specimen.

How do you feel about Kate Middleton often picking your designs for public appearances?
I’m always flattered when anybody wears my designs, but she is certainly a great ambassador for Britain, so the fact that she chooses us is very flattering. I think she is doing really well in the position that she is in and I respect her for that.

You’re launching a lingerie collection next year. What will be the spirit of the line?
It will be ultra feminine – not girly but sexy and sophisticated. I think lingerie is a great present for men to buy women because they both get to enjoy it.