It's ok to have standards while looking for love.

Polka Dot

Founder Dana Michel knows that a dating site named “Marriage Material” won’t appeal to everyone.


But, she says, that’s exactly the point.


“It’s very clear that it’s not a hookup site,” Michel points out. “It’s set up for people who are successful in their careers and they’ve never focused as much on their private lives, but now they are ready for that.”


We asked Michel to offer some advice for the singles out there who are hoping that 2015 will be the year they find their soulmate.


Make time for love: “If you are a busy professional who is spending roughly 10 hours at work each day and trying to balance home and work, it’s about making time,” says Michel. “If you put a lot of time and effort into your career, the very least you can do is do the same for your relationship."

Don’t waste your time: It can be hard, but Michel says it’s best that singles who know that they are ready for a lifelong partnership start to weed out the people who aren’t good for you. “Non-marriage material can be two things,” Michel points out. “It can be the guy that you know that you aren’t compatible with and you know that in the light of day that you are never going to introduce him to your family. And it can also be someone in your life who you know is not looking for a commitment.”

Know what you want: It’s perfectly fine (and even healthy) to have a list of both essential traits and deal breakers in relationships. The trick is to know how to identify each of these characteristics. “When you are ready for marriage, you need a mate who values you,” says Michel. She says that her site allows users to list five “must haves,” five “like to haves” and five “deal breakers.” “A deal breaker might be something like someone who is not family-oriented,” she notes. “Something like he has to be 6-foot-2 is not.”

Recognize a good thing: “Many people, especially in a big city, are always thinking that there is something better around the corner,” notes Michel. Don’t let your illusions lead you to turn your back on what could be a wonderful relationship.

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