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Artists create 'MacBook Selfie Stick'

Take your selfie game to the next level with this selfie taking device.

If you’re the type to roll your eyes when someone whips out a selfie stick, this device may make you cringe.

Artists Moises (Art404),John Yuyi,Tom Gallehave created the MacBook Selfie Stick. The device lets the user mount a MacBook computer at the end of a long pole to snap a selfie with the laptop's built-in camera.

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In January, the artcollective created a “Netflix & Chill” room listing on Airbnb complete with Netflix-themed bedding, a minibar and the capabilities to project your favorite flick against the wall.


While this just may be an art project, a social experiment, or a way to promote their other projects, there might be someone out there who would actually want to own this invention.

The MacBook Selfie Stick isn't available for sale – yet.

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