Avocado proposals
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You’re sitting with your loved one on the beach. It’s the perfect time of night when the sun has just kissed the horizon and everything is cast in a dim glow. So, when he gets on one knee in front of you and presents a halved avocado with an engagement ring inside, you’re convinced you can’t really see — he couldn’t really be proposing with an...avocado. An avocado proposal? No!

It’s hard to imagine that a person could wake up one day thinking, "Forget the box, I’m going to propose with this here avocado!" But avocado proposals do indeed exist.

As TODAY reported, an Amsterdam-based food blog posted to Instagram earlier this month asking its followers to tag people who might think placing an engagement ring inside a pitted avocado is a good idea. And thousands responded.


Tag someone who should propose like this #valentinesday #2018 #avobox #vegan #proposal #💍 #avocadoproposal


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Maybe you like the idea of an avocado proposal. Maybe you hate it. But what else are you supposed to do with avocados that aren’t ripe enough to spread on avocado toast? Wait for them to ripen? Obviously not!

In all seriousness, at least these aren't potato proposals — now that wouldn't make much sense at all.

In January 2016, one man named Ben presented a ring to his girlfriend inside a (slightly brown) avocado. (See? He waited too long).

But his girlfriend, Taylor Selby, who posted the photo in October of that year, loved it. "I am a huge avocado fan, and whenever Ben would visit me in California he was always amazed at the abundance of avocados and avocado toast," Selby told Newsweek. "He's always been extremely creative ... so it was only natural he came up with such a unique idea."

An avocado proposal even happened back on Dec. 29 (what a way to start the new year).


Every hippie girl’s dream proposal. #avocadotoast #avocadoproposal

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As you can tell, the avocado proposal hasn't hit "trending" status yet, but that hasn't stopped people from talking about it. And there's never a trend a millennial wouldn't try.

Picking the right avocado — now that would be stressful.

One British supermarket has started putting "perfect for proposal" stickers on its avocados in stores. They are selected based on color, complexion, cut and creaminess, reports The Independent.

As odd as it seems, it’s not like you’re getting proposed to with an avocado engagement ring (however that would work). Your ring is simply resting inside the fruit, and there’s no harm in that.

But, as Selby told Newsweek regarding her own avocado proposal, "it shouldn't matter if it is in an avocado or not. It was about the personal touch and making it special and unique to our relationship."

So, if avocado proposals become the next big thing, and everyone starts doing it, where’s the originality in that? You'd be more creative sticking with a potato proposal — just food for thought.

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