Make sure to wash your face everynight says Ciocco.


Joëlle Ciocco, the Paris-based facialist to stars like model Laetitia Casta, Monica Bellucci and former French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, is the woman to turn to if you are looking for an A-list look

At an age where most women are fighting deep wrinkles, the 63-year-old expert has skin that most 30-year-olds would be jealous of. And believe it or not, her secret isn’t a cabinet full of pricey creams and elixirs.
Deep cleaning and protecting your natural shield
When asked what to do to get a bright complexion, Joëlle Ciocco has two simple answers: first is “cleaning”, which she describes as the base of anti-aging. “You need to take your makeup off and cleanse your face every single night,” she says adamantly. “There is no radiance if the skin is clogged by makeup and pollution”. She might have a line to her name, but the facialist thinks there is no such thing as bad products but only “a bad use of them”. Secondly, once your skin is clean and hydrated with a simple moisturizer, there’s no need for a million layers of creams and serums. Your skin does all the work itself during the night, your only duty is not to break what she calls “the shield”. “Don’t destroy the wonderful shield your skin has built, just spray some water if you need, but do not cleanse it in the morning if you have cleansed it properly at night”.
To scrub or not to scrub?
When it comes to radiance, you’d probably expect to hear that a good scrub is the essential weapon. But according to Ciocco, there is no need for a regular exfoliation, the skin can do it perfectly well itself. Too much scrubbing only leads to one thing: premature aging. “Scrubs refine the surface of the skin, which in the long run does nothing but making you look older,” she says. You heard right – use these exfoliators on your body, but don’t put it near your face anymore. You will thank her in 20 years.
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