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Is there anything better than a burrito bursting at the seams with carne asada and guac? How about a second burrito for half the price. Give it to your friend, surprise your significant other or, you know, just treat yoself. Whatever you plan on doing with it, its thanks to Chipotle BOGO — but there is a small catch.

This time around, the Chipotle BOGO is here for one day only, so mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 8. We do have some good news, though. The Chipotle BOGO isn’t just for burritos. If huge tortillas aren’t your thing, you can apply the deal to tacos, bowls and salads.

How to take advantage of Chipotle BOGO

So, here’s the first catch: The Chipotle BOGO on May 8 is in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Day. Teachers, faculty and staff can cash in on the promotion as long as they present a valid school ID — which leads us to the other important point. You’ll need to actually go into a store to sink your teeth into this deal. (How else are they going to check your ID?)

That means all of you who aren’t in the education industry need to cozy up to your buddy who is and hope they’re nice enough to share the spoils with you. Just be polite if they turn you down, after all, their job is probably pretty thankless most of the time. The least they deserve is to double up on delicious Mexican food without dropping too much dough.


chipotle bogo guac

If you ask us, educators, you even deserve free guac — but the details of the Chipotle BOGO aren’t up to us.

But much like the standard school day, the fun doesn’t really start until the final bell rings for the day. Bring your hunger and hit the line anytime between 3 p.m. and close because this deal is only for after-school hours.

Don’t work in education? Don’t worry, DoorDash has you covered with free delivery on Chipotle orders now until Sunday, May 6. So cash in for your big Cinco de Mayo order.

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