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Double down on the carbs with IHOP’s 60 cent pancakes

ihop 60 cent pancakes

Despite the IHOb fiasco, we still love this chain for their enormous slacks of fluffy pancakes. The name has been rightfully changed back just in time for the IHOP anniversary 2018. Though we’ll admit the burgers they launched look appealing, this unofficial holiday is all about those fluffy breakfast carbs. That’s right, it’s time for IHOP 60 cent pancakes.

If that doesn’t sound familiar or don’t know why we’re excited, it might be because you missed last year, their 59th anniversary. There was an IHOP 59 cent pancake deal going on to celebrate. Since the IHOP anniversary 2018 is its 60th and they’re generous enough to bring back the beloved promotion, it’s IHOP 60 cent pancakes this go-round.

To put this delicious promotion in perspective, a thick stack will cost you less on the IHOP anniversary 2018 than it would have in 1958. “To celebrate six decades of pancakin’ and the love our guests have shown us since we first opened our doors back in 1958, we’re treating folks to a 60-cent short stack of our world-famous Buttermilk pancakes — the pancake that started it all,” Brad Haley, Chief Marketing Officer of IHOP, said in a press release.

When can you get IHOP 60 cent pancakes?

To make the most of this IHOP 60 cent pancakes deal, you’ll need to come hungry. To show up and help celebrate the IHOP anniversary 2018, you’ll need to be prepared. Here are the delectable details you need to remember: the 60 cent pancakes are available tomorrow, Tuesday, July 17, and you can get them from 7am to 7pm.

ihop 60 cent pancakes ihop anniversary 2018

Since they’re known for “pancakin’,” of course the deal runs all day long. If making a trip before work just isn’t in the cards, might we suggest taking them up on the IHOP 60 cent pancakes for a glorious version of breakfast for dinner?

There are some restrictions here, but rest assured it’s still a great deal. You’ll need to help celebrate the IHOP anniversary in person by dining in to take them up on the discount. There’s also, unfortunately, a one stack per person limit, but the buttermilk stack that’s going for 60 cents does come with three notoriously large fluffy pancakes. Make it a family night; you’ll get to dine out and save dough — and you can also finish the pancakes your kids can’t. It’s a win-win if we ever saw one.