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Starbucks Happy Hour today is really keeping things cool

starbucks happy hour today cold foam

Today’s a great day. You’re already over the workweek hump, Friday is fully in sight, you can get Domino’s pizza half off for dinner and it’s Starbucks Happy Hour today. It’s hard to beat that deck.

This summer is one for the books when it comes to food deals. Some of our favorite brands have been handing out free food and drinks, there have been deep discounts on delicious foods from ice cream to pizza and Starbucks Happy Hour has been going strong every week since the temperature rose. We know that the drink deal might not suit your taste buds every single week, but you’ll be happy to know that the sips that will save you some cash during Starbucks Happy Hour today are crowd pleasers. Block off some time on your calendar now for a coffee run.

We keep saying it, but it’s worth repeating: You need to get in on these drink deals. We know you hand over enough of your hard-earned money to this coffee chain, so you deserve a drink at a 50% discount. Get signed up by checking out our guide to the two easy ways to get involved in Starbucks Happy Hour, then grab a friend because today’s BOGO at the bean behemoth.

Starbucks Happy Hour today

The temperature may not be too hot or humid today, but your favorite coffee chain is going to make sure you’re keeping things cool. Starbucks Happy Hour today is BOGO (buy one, get one free) on any handcrafted iced espresso beverage, cold brew or iced coffee. Yes, this time brewed coffee, as long as its iced, is up for grabs through the drink deal.

starbucks happy hour today cold foam cold brew

As usual, you’ll need to hit your nearest Starbucks location no earlier than 3pm to take them up on their deal. You’ll also need to buy a Grande or larger in order to use your code. Just tell the barista that you want to cash in on the Starbucks Happy Hour today before you pay.

We suggest using it as an opportunity to try their cold foam on one of your beverages. Though some of the crafted brews are sweetened with syrups, which fans report makes the cold foam a delicious sweet-salty touch on top of your drink (order the Salted Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew), lovers of unsweetened coffee will find it a silky just-indulgent-enough addition to their strong brew (order the regular Cold Foam Cold Brew). The cold foam itself is only 30 calories, so there’s really no reason not to get it. Happy sipping, and happy pre-Friday!