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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you’ve been looking forward to using sweethearts candy to send a cute message to your partner this year, then you’re out of luck.  The company that makes Sweethearts Conversation Hearts candy will not be selling its popular candy this year.  But don’t worry, there are plenty of other options this year if you’re looking for Valentine’s Day conversation heart candy.

The New England Confectionary Company (NECCO) will not be selling its popular SweetHearts Conversation Hearts this year. For many, sweethearts candy is a Valentine’s Day staple. The pastel-colored, heart-shaped candies have little sayings on them such as  “Love You,” or “Be Mine,” or “Sweet Talk.” 

According to, conversation hearts are considered as one of the most popular Valentine's Day candies in the country, but if you're a fan of the NECCO brand, you might have to find a different option this Valentine's Day. 

Why isn’t NECCO selling Sweethearts candy this Valentine’s Day?

The original producer of the conversation heart candy went out of business in 2018. Spangler Candy Company, which is known for Dum Dum lollipops, eventually bought NECCO.


According to CNBC, the Spangler Candy Company didn’t have enough time to produce the conversation hearts candy for this Valentine’s Day but has plans to relaunch the popular Valentine’s Day candy in time for next season.

“There are a lot of manufacturing challenges and unanswered questions at this point, and we want to make sure these brands meet consumer expectations when they re-enter the market, Spangler Chairman and CEO Kirk Vashaw said in a statement to announce the acquisition of NECCO. 

The Spangler company also shared a message for everyone concerned about the lack of Sweethearts candy with a fun graphic. 

Spangler Candy CEO responds to SweetHearts Love from CandyStore.comSource: Spangler Candy Co via

Valentine's Day candy, conversation hearts alternatives 

While the iconic Sweethearts Hearts won’t be available this year, there are several ways you can still share sweet sentiments with your partner. 

Sour Patch Kids conversation hearts 

Sour Patch Kids has its own version of conversation hearts candy that has cute messages millennials can enjoy such as “Bae,” “Ew No,” and “Yas.” 


Sour Patch Kids conversation hearts


Brach's conversation hearts

If you’re looking to get the more traditional Valentine’s Day candy route, Brach’s has its own version of conversation hearts with more familiar sayings such as “My Love,” and “Hug Me.”

Brach's valentine's day candy conversation hearts


Candy Shop chocolate conversation hearts

If chocolate is more your thing, you can buy a bag of chocolate conversation hearts from the Candy Shop. The individually wrapped, heart-shaped chocolate come with sweet sayings on the foil wrapper.

Valentine's Day candy, Candy Shop Chocolate conversation hearts

Limited edition Valentine's Day Oreos 

If you and your darling share the same love for Oreo cookies, Nabisco released a limited edition Valentine's Day Oreo cookie with sayings such as “XOXO Oreo,” Let’s Twist,” and our favorite, “Dunk in Love.” The limited edition Oreos have a strawberry crème filling.

Valentines Day Limited Edition Oreo cookies

If these Valentine’s Day candy options are way too tame for you, you can opt for X-Rated Valentine Candy Hearts from The candies come with an assortment of adult sayings for you and your partner to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. 


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