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Many of us have a favorite day of the week, whether it’s Tuesday because your work schedule is miraculously clear of meetings or Fridays because, well, we all know why. But you might have noticed that one giant coffee chain is trying to make you love every day of the week a little bit more. We’re talking about Starbucks and their drinks deals and, good news everyone, they’re making your Thursday a little sweeter because it’s Starbucks Happy Hour today.

That’s just part of the beauty of Starbucks Happy Hour. After all, how can you not love Monday a little bit more when you get a great deal on a drink from your favorite coffee shop? But the program is also adding some excitement to your week because you have no idea on what day the discounted drinks will be up for grabs.

So what deal does the Joe-slinging giant have in store for you today? Here’s what you need to know about the caffeine hit you can get for less dough today.

What is the discounted drink for Starbucks Happy Hour today?

First of all, if you’re not too familiar with the drink deals, it’s because you need to take one of two steps to get signed up with Starbucks. You will need a code to cash in, so read up on those two ways in our guide to everything you need to know about Starbucks Happy Hour.


starbucks happy hour today latte macchiato

Next, start eyeing those lattes and macchiatos, because starting at 3 p.m today, you can get one of those drinks for 50% off during Starbucks Happy Hour today. You’ll have to order a size grande or larger to cash in, but you needed caffeine to get through that mid-afternoon slump anyway, right? Make sure you tell your barista at the register that you want to use your Starbucks Happy Hour discount, and get there before the store closes because the deal’s only good for one day.

Then sip your drink and celebrate since Thursday is not only Starbucks Happy Hour this week, but also pre-Friday.

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