We are fully aware that Valentine’s Day is slowly creeping up behind you, and that you’re feeling pretty down in the dumps about not having anyone to celebrate it with. However you should know that you’re in fact much better off. To prove it we wrote up this article in celebration of “Satisfied Staying Single Day,” which is not fake and is really a real day that people celen.

How do we know it’s real? Because the Internet said it was.

While brainstorming Valentine’s Day content to create we learned that tucked right in between “Cream Cheese Brownie Day” (it’s a thing) and Plum Pudding Day, (also totally a thing) is the totally legitimate sounding “Satisfied Staying Single Day.” Why is it satisfied? Well wouldn’t you be satisfied if your Wednesday was sandwiched between one day celebrating cream cheese brownies and another celebrating Plum Pudding? We think that it would be, but let’s take a closer look at this so called satisfaction.

First of all, note that it’s not “Happy Staying Single Day,” nor is it “Ecstatically Staying Single Day,” the keyword is “satisfied” and there’s a reason for that.

Satisfaction implies a degree of contentment, or a state of being in which you want nothing more. Satisfied staying single doesn’t mean that you’re bouncing off the walls in your singleness, in fact it means that you’ve accepted it and have no desire to fill the apparent void in your life. Satisfied Staying Single Day (the actual real holiday) isn’t about being okay with not finding happiness in others, but rather all about finding internal satisfaction and contentment in your own person and self.


Even if you aren’t satisfied with your own self on this very hallowed and not fake holiday, it should act as a reminder that above all else is the well-being of your own self and your own happiness. You should strive to understand that you will never be truly satisfied being with someone else, if you are not first satisfied with your self.

So how are you better off because of this? Aside from not having to share your life with another obnoxious human being (the biggest chunk of our reasoning, if we’re being honest), you are better off because you’re investing in yourself. As psychiatrist at Montefiore Medical Center, Howard Forman told us in January , “The person who you have the most influence over is yourself.” So treat yourself dammit! Be good to your body and exercise it. Be good to your stomach and fill it. Be good to your soul and laugh like a crazy person. Be better off by making yourself better off.

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