In a world where we personalize just about everything, there’s one big thing we don’t: our beds.

But that may soon change as companies like Helix, Casper and others that offer custom-built mattresses are growing in popularity.

Helix, which recently opened its first showroom in the Flatiron District, is using technology usually seen on the web to create mattresses for its customers: an algorithm.

“We base all our research on 3-D human body modeling, and the algorithm takes all our factors and pulls out the ideal configuration,” brand manager Lindsey James told Metro.


The factors are feel, (soft vs. firm), support (based on height, weight, BMI), temperature regulation and point elasticity (which depends on if you’re a side, stomach or back sleeper).

When visiting Helix’s showroom, customers are taken to a calming, secluded room that might be bigger than most New York apartment bedrooms. After taking a quick quiz about the four aforementioned sleeping factors, including those of your partner, sleep specialist Domonique Sims will custom-build a test mattress based on the quiz results.

“Everyone’s been to a mattress store, it’s awkward, you really don’t know what you’re looking for … our idea is that we’ll leave you alone, let you get comfortable and imagine what it’d be like to sleep on it,” James said.

Sims will adjust the bed to customer’s liking, and if they choose to purchase, a bed will arrive at their door from Helix’s Chicago factory within seven to 10 days with a 100-night trial period.Prices range from $600 to $1,195, and should partners disagree on feel, there is a seamless split-mattress option.

“You really get to know if it’s actually the right mattress for you,” James said. “If it’s not, we give you your money back and pick it up and donate where possible or recycle where we can’t.

“The whole idea behind Helix is that one size does not fit all,” James added. “We wanted it to be one size fits one.”

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