You will soon be able to charge your smartphone or mobile device wirelessly with the help of IKEA furniture.

During the Mobile World Congress​ on Sunday, Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has announced their partnership with Qi Wireless to create furniture items that will feature charging bases that allow you to charge your phone wirelessly.

​​If you're not familiar with Qi Wireless, they are responsible for wireless power solutions for hotels, restaurants and many other public locations around the world.

The new furniture items will allow you to charge your phone and not have to worry about loose cables all over the place. One of the downsides to this is the base station must be plugged in to a power source so that means you have to situate your furniture based on where your outlets are located.


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IKEA plans to sell wireless charging kits for you to be able to add to existing IKEA products for around $34 according to a report by The Wall Street Journal​. They also add that furniture items that will feature these new wireless charging stations will cost around $22 more than pieces that don't. Considering the low price of IKEA furniture already, the exrtra $22 to wirelessly charge your mobile device may be a worthy upgrade.

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