is costco open on memorial day, is walmart open on memorial day
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You go big for the three-day weekend that ushers in the warmer weather and celebrates the soldiers that served the United States. You’re the resident grill master or the hostess with the mostest. That first barbecue of the summer is yours, all yours, and you hold it every year — but every great host knows that something can always go wrong. For those last minute spills or shortages, where are you going to turn? Costco or Walmart of course. But wait, is Costco open on Memorial Day? Is Walmart?

The last thing you want is to promise a party full of hungry people your signature burgers dripping in cheese only to find out...oops, you ran out. But just in case that does happen (obviously because people can’t get enough of your beefy burgers), we don’t want you running to the store to find the lights off and the doors locked.

Since Costco and Walmart are some of the best go-to places to pick up anything you might need from red Solo cups to cases of beer, burger patties to sturdy disposable plates, we did the rooting around for you to make sure your beer or burger runs go smoothly. So Is Costco open on Memorial Day? Is Walmart open on Memorial Day? We break down what you need to know before you grab the car keys and head out.

Is Costco open on Memorial Day?

So is Costco open on Memorial Day? Unlike many other big box or chain stores, Costco is not open on Memorial Day. You’ll either need to stock up (and check your list twice) sometime between Friday and Sunday, or find another store to rely on for restocking the cheddar slices.


is costco open on memorial day

Is Costco open on Memorial Day weekend?

Yes, Costco is open during Memorial Day weekend, just not on Memorial Day itself. Friday through Sunday you’re in the clear for stocking up on everything you need for that big barbecue, whether you’re hosting it or simply bringing the best potato salad ever.

Are Costco gas stations open on Memorial Day?

Since you already know the answer to is Costco open on Memorial Day is a no, this one probably won’t surprise you: No, the Costco gas stations are not open on Memorial Day either.

So where can you go if Costco is your default one-stop shop for cookout supplies? We know you’re brand loyal, but when it comes to barbecue, having enough food to go around takes top priority. So what about that other big behemoth of shopping? Is Walmart open on Memorial day?

is walmart open on memorial day

Is Walmart open on Memorial Day?

Just like Costco, you come to Walmart because they stock everything from utensils to lemonade, hot dog buns to s’more fixings. So, is Walmart open on Memorial Day? Yes, the glorious mega store is open on Memorial Day, and unless there’s a state ordinance forcing them to change the hours, they’re the same as usual with the super center Walmarts staying open their normal 24 hours.

So maybe make Walmart your go-to for restocking sodas and potato salad, even if you’re a loyal Costco shopper. It can’t hurt to have a store locked and loaded for those last-minute barbecue runs.

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