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We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: There are two types of people in this world — those who love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and those who can’t deal with the crowd and (oftentimes) drunken disorder. If you fall solidly into the second camp, you probably have another concern for the day of celebrating the Emerald Isle: namely, is St. Patrick's Day a bank holiday?

We get it! You like Guinness as much as the next person, but that doesn’t mean your to-do list disappears when you want to go day-drinking. Heck, maybe you do want to enjoy a couple pints but you really need to make an important deposit before you can drop major dough on a couple rounds for your friends.

So, is St. Patrick's Day a bank holiday?

The question is St. Patrick's Day a bank holiday is a little complicated this year since St. Patty’s Day 2018 falls solidly on a Saturday (great news for those of you looking to hit local bar crawls).

The simple answer to the question is St. Patrick's Day a bank holiday is no. St. Patrick’s Day is not a federal holiday, so financial institutions should not generally be closed — but St. Patrick’s Day 2018 falls on a weekend, complicating the issue.


Are banks open on St. Patrick's Day?

Yes, banks are open on St. Patrick’s Day since it’s not a federal holiday. This also means that generally speaking, government offices, stock markets and schools are also open. And there should also be mail delivery on St. Patrick’s Day.

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This year, however, things are a little different. Though schools will be closed since children don’t attend classes on the weekends, you’ll have limited hours to access some government offices and banks. Your bank should follow a normal weekend schedule, which could mean closing somewhere around lunch time or that it’s closed. Check with your go-to location if you’re unsure of their standard schedule.

And if you live in a city with a major St. Patrick’s Day parade, you should check with your locations if they fall along the parade route. The traffic and crowds might cause the bank to close even if it generally hold weekend hours.

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