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Who doesn’t love a good trend taken to its logical extremes? Well, you said you wanted small plates, so we best not hear anything but the quiet contemplation of the fate you’ve inflicted on the universe when we tell you that TGI Friday's has brought back your own personal calorie thunderdome.

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Due to “overwhelming demand from the social media universe,” TGI Friday’s is resurrectingEndless Apps: Get unlimited plates of one of its 16 appetizers for $10. This time, however, there’s a second, splurgy$12option to choose a different appetizer for"every round." (Editor'snote: Food traditionally comes in courses, not boxing periods, but carry on.) There’s also a new menu item thatyou willed into being: Street Taco Potato Skins.

Pro tip if you’re going the $10 route: To get at least some variety into your experience, the chicken wings come in eight possible flavors. (Though protein is more filling and takes longer to digest than carbs, so as with any quest, you must weigh your options carefully.)


And call ahead to make sure your intended destination can handle your hunger. New Yorkers, we did the work for you: The only one serving unlimited joy to your face is all the way down in Sheepshead Bay. Closer to home, the 604 Fifth Ave. location will serve you all the deep-fried happiness you crave, but only from 4-5:30 p.m.

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If you’re ready to take on the challenge, here’s a primer from Gawker’s Caity Weaver, our personal hero for documenting her 14-hour quest to find out how many mozzarella sticks it takes to justify a career in journalism.

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