Brandon Giesbrecht/Flickr Creative Commons

You don’t need to be a pharmacistto be curious about America’s prescription habits, as new research that analyzes what drugs we are Googling online shows.


Coyne College “analyzed search data related to the top 50 best-selling branded drugs in the United States. After gathering the raw data, [the school] established average national search volumes for each of the top 50 drugs, then looked at data from each state to see which populations are searching for which drugs more than average.


The results found Suboxone, a drug similar to methadone that has been used to help heroin addicts get clean for several decades, was the top search in 14 different states, making it the most popular drug term overall.


Vyvanse, was the next popular, topping the list in seven states. The drug “is a stimulant used to treat ADHD and binge-eating disorder,” according to the school.


Other standout results included that Viagra made the list in only one state - California, and Utah was the only state that had a top search for Nuvaring, an implant-based birth control.


Truvada, HIV antiviral, however, was the most searched drug in New York.

For more results and to see a map of the searches, click here.