DohVinci is for kids ages six and up.


Playdoh art is becoming a thing and this latest product line takes the trend to a whole new level. The "DohVinci" product line has kits and craft tools that can help kids create their own colroful works of art. One artist used two DohVinci tools, the Styler Tool and Deco Pops,to create replicas ofVincent Van Gogh's "The Sunflower," Edvard Munich's "The Scream," Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring," and another Van Gogh fave, "Starry Night" in celebration of Art Appreciation Month. All made with Playdoh!

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Though these toys is meant for kids ages six and up, we can see it slowly replacing the adult coloring book as the latest trendy toy du jour.

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DohVinci products are available in toystores now and at

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