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Nothing like a little mid-fall self-care to rejuvenate you before the election! (Just kidding). Next week, Spa Week kicks off, offering $50 specials on spa services nationwide, from Monday, Oct. 17 through Sunday the 23rd. The list is long and luxurious, from classic Swedish massages and mani-pedis, to more outside of the box offerings like sensory deprivation tanks and cupping.

Register at to peruse deals in your area, then call the spas directly and mention “spa week” to book. Here are a few in New York that we're into:

You’ve heard of it before, and seen plenty of (stock) photos of a half-naked human zoning out while smooth, ebony stones line her vertebrae, but have you ever actually had a hot stone massage before? You can at JS Beauty Spa. Or maybe you've always fancied the idea of booking a couples massage, but never went through with it? At the aptly named Couples' Spa, share an hour of deep tissue or Swedish, and split it down the middle at $25.

What about an infinity float session? At Q Flatiron, experience the wellness trend of “sensory deprivation” that most of us have only read about by floating alone for an hour in a warm water tank pumped with epsom salt so as to suspend your gravity. Also available at Q Flatiron, you can channel your inner '60s-hippie-from-Sedona-Arizona and try a LUX Healing Lights Energy Treatment, which uses colored lights refracted through crystals to heal and rejuvenate you. Why not?

True fact: the fall pumpkin craze has made is way to the realm of beauty and pampering. For a seasonally inspired treatment bordering on the ridiculous, you can get a customized organic facial with a pumpkin masque and extractionat Essential Therapy L&Y Spa.


Ever done acupuncture? Curious about cupping ever since you spotted those purplish circles on Michael Phelps’ back during the Summer Olympics? Now's a good time to try them both out. At Faina Day Spa, you can actually get a cupping facial. Beautiful Beyond Aesthetics offers an acupuncture session geared towards treating anxiety.

And even though you’re getting a deal, be sure to tip 20%, as is customary.

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