New Tinder Features: Tinder Loops lets you upload two-second videos to your profile.
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Tinder just rolled out a new feature called Tinder Loops — and if you use the popular dating app to find dates or meet new people, this new Tinder feature could possibly enhance your experience on the app.

Tinder Loops allows users to include a short looping video in your Tinder profile and add a little flare. Until now, Tinder users could only upload photos to show others how they look. With Tinder Loops you can create a two-second looping video and mix it in with your Tinder profile photos to give your potential matches a better glimpse of what you look like.

In theory, the feature is much like Instagram’s Boomerang app and will make your Tinder profile more visually appealing.

Tinder has been testing this function since April in Canada and Sweden, but Tinder Loops is now available in markets globally. Tinder Loops is now available in Japan, United Kingdom, United States, France, Korea, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Kuwait, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.


How to use Tinder Loops

If you’re interested in enhancing your Tinder profile with two-second video give your potential matches a better look at what you’re all about, all you have to do is upload a video to your Tinder app the same way you would choose a photo to upload.

New Tinder Features: Tinder Loops lets you upload two-second videos to your profile

If you want to flirt with your potential matches you could record yourself winking in the camera or animate your best "Blue Steel" impression. 

The only downside to Tinder Loops is that you can’t shoot Tinder Loops videos from the app. It must be a video that you’ve shot already with your phone and then upload it to Tinder. You can edit the video in Tinder to make it the best two-second clip that will play on a loop in your profile. In addition to uploading videos from your camera roll on iOS, you can also take your Tinder profile to the next level by using Live Photos

In addition to Tinder Loops, the popular dating app increased the number of profile photos you can have from six to nine.

While Tinder Loops may not be a feature that revolutionizes dating apps, it does give users the chance to show more of themselves on the app and a chance to increase the number of matches with the added video feature. If you don't see the new Tinder feature in your app, make sure you update it to the latest version. 

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