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When it comes to air travel, one of the biggest complaints many people have is limited space – especially if you're not flying first-class. 

Fortunately, there’s a simple travel hack that could give you some much-needed space while you're seated during your flight. 

There’s a little button located under the armrest of your chair that could give you some more room. Many people may not know about it and some may go as far as calling it a secret button. We’ll show you how to find it.

How to get more room from your plane seat

If you have a seat in the aisle, there’s a release button located underneath the armrest near the hinge. Once you press it, you’ll be able to put the armrest completely up, so it's inline with the back of your seat. By doing this, you get a little more room on one side, which could mean a world of a difference if you were feeling cramped in your seat.


According to the Independent, the button was originally designed to allow passengers to get out of their seats quickly during an emergency. Airline crews may also use the button to assist passengers who have difficulty getting in and out of their seat. This could explain why most people aren’t told about the ‘secret’ button.

This easy travel hack can be useful if the person next to you needs to get out of their seat and you want to avoid standing up. You can easily pivot your legs to one side and allow your neighbor to pass you. Using this nifty button is also helpful if the person next to you is making you feel squished. 

The next time you’re traveling by air and you’re stuck with an aisle seat, just know you can give yourself a little more room and not feel so cramped in. You can thank us later.


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