Whether it’s dressing in festive colors, getting cozy in our favorite winter pajamas with a cup of hot cocoa or throwing on those frighteningly fantastic ugly sweaters we hold so dear, it’s important to let the world know we’re down to embrace the impending New Year in style.


Ugly sweaters are by far the most beloved of holiday traditions. They’re atrocious but admittedly adorable. And it’s the one time of year we can get away with wearing the worst patterns in existence. 


What it boils down to though, is this: it's just plain fun to look ridiculous! Ugly sweaters, as it turns out, make for the best family photos, and they'll be sure to get a lot of love on social media (because we have to Instagram or we else didn't actually wear them). 


It can seem, though, with dorky Santa pullovers and colorful mistletoe prints, that it’s all about Christmas. But what about the Jews who celebrate Hanukkah way before December 25? (Can I get an “amen”?)


Don't worry my fellow Hanukkah Harry believers, we've got you covered. 

This year, from December 12 to December 20, light the menorah the way you should always light it: Sporting a massive knit dreidel, a punny Hebrew phrase commonly used by your Jewish grandmother or that one-liner from your favorite Hanukkah song (because despite what people think, they do exist). That's right, we're talking ugly Hannukah sweaters.

Hanukkah — whichever of the four ways you spell it — is a time for celebration just like Christmas. So why not dress the part? 

Click through the gallery above to see all the amazing ugly Hanukkah sweaters you can purchase for yourself (and the rest of the fam) without breaking bank.

With everything from shiny gelt to dreidels and more, these sweaters are where it's at this Hanukkah season. Some are funny. Some are absurd. All are fantastic — so get ready to get ugly.