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Lights out at 37 St. & Glenmore

Fifteen months after a council decision to move ahead post-ring road, a completed detour at 37 Street SW will allow for free-flow traffic on Glenmore Trail.

Ward 11 Ald. Brian Pincott told Metro the lights on Glenmore Trail at 37 Street SW would be removed Saturday, as the first phase of an interchange program is completed, giving the critical east-west corridor some much-needed traffic relief.

“This is great news for everybody in southwest Calgary,” said Pincott.

“We all know that 37th and Glenmore intersection has been at fail for years.”

But, leery Lakeview residents are hoping things don’t get worse.

Duncan Kent, president of the Lakeview Community Association, said smooth traffic is critical, but a longer-term solution still needs to be sought — and the lights actually worked for citizens in his area.

“We’ve sure got our fingers crossed (the interchange) will help everybody else — because it’s been pretty miserable across Glenmore,” said Kent.

Kent isn’t a fan of the “complicated” design of the future interchange and fears it could create more traffic problems in the area while people learn how to use it.

Until the final ring road decision is made, Kent said his community would continue to be concerned about traffic in the area.

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