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Link to Calgary real estate listing beats down broker

Humiliated and distraught, a Calgary woman was forced to defend herself against accusations of racism after a local website put her ad onto a questionable house listing without her knowledge.

Between bouts of tears and anger, mortgage broker Jackie Bogoros spent yesterday fielding angry emails and conducting damage control after her phone number and email address were linked to the listing — which claimed it would sell only to white buyers in a white SW Calgary neighbourhood.

“I want everyone to know I’m absolutely appalled at the content of the listing and I in no way, shape or form feel that way or endorse that thinking,” a disgusted Bogoros said.

“It’s a nightmare.”

Bogoros received several strongly worded emails calling her a racist, and one man contacted her employer because of the ad.

When Bogoros contacted the company to remove all of her ads, they replied with an email stating “it’s not our fault” and the ad placed on the page “will not damage your reputation” as it was a free listing.

“I can’t believe they would respond that way after everything I have gone through. My reputation is damaged if even one person thinks I’m a racist,” Bogoros said.

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