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Link to Patriots rebuttal / response website to NFL, Wells Report

Tom Brady and the Patriots are not going quietly into the night.
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Not only did Tom Brady officially file an appeal Thursday to get his four-game suspension reduced, the Patriots also fired a shot back at the NFL and the Wells Report as they created their own website dedicated to debunking the document.

WellsReportContext.com is now a thing thanks to the Pats as they begin their lengthy rebuttal with the following:

The conclusions of the Wells Report are, at best,incomplete, incorrectand lack context. The Report dismisses the scientific explanation for the natural loss of psi of the Patriots footballs by inexplicably rejecting the Referee’s recollection of what gauge he used in his pregame inspection. Texts acknowledged to be attempts at humor and exaggeration are nevertheless interpreted as a plot to improperly deflate footballs, even though none of them refer to any such plot. There is no evidence that Tom Brady preferred footballs that were lower than 12.5 psi and no evidence anyone even thought that he did. All the extensive evidence which contradicts how the texts are interpreted by the investigators is simply dismissed as “not plausible.” Inconsistencies in logic and evidence are ignored.

Here is a link to the entire Wells Report.

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