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LinkedIn ranks top companies based on user activity

A good job is hard to find, but a LinkedIn survey released today helps send employment seekers in the right direction.
In its first Top Attractors survey, the social network for professionals analyzed user data to rank the top 40 companies that attract talent and retain employees.

LinkedIn looked exclusively at global companies with a staff of more than 500, and factored in user actions on its website such as job postings, member engagement with a company’s page and new hire data to come up with the rankings,explainsLinkedIn executive editor Daniel Roth.

Though there’s a lot of overlap between companies on the Top Attractors survey and other best companies lists, analyzing user data on a social media site is a unique approach to workplace rankings. (Though we wonder how the data might have changed had the social network factored in repeated profile glances at professional crushes.)

Shocker: U.S. companies on the Top Attractors list leaned heavily toward the tech sector, making up 45 percent of the total. Media and entertainment (13 percent) and financial services (10 percent) were distant second and third top industries, with companies like Netflix, HBO, Live Nation, Goldman Sachs and BlackRock making the list.

Without further ado, the leading companies on the Top Attractors list are:

1. Google

2. Salesforce

3. Facebook

4. Apple

5. Amazon

You can find the rest here.

Now, who would you like to add to your professional network?

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