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Live on the Edge with this spicy sport ute

Most sport utility vehicles or wagon derivatives of passenger cars come across as being more utilitarian than sporty. Even a bit boring.

However, the Sport edition of the Ford Edge definitely runs counter to this axiom, both in terms of style and performance.

The Edge has been around since the 2007 model year and was given an interior and exterior makeover for 2011. In addition, its 3.5-litre V6 was treated to a 20-horsepower surge (to 285 from 265).

The Edge Sport is different enough from the regular Edge to be considered a whole other vehicle. As the name implies, this is one five-passenger wagon that has been built to please buyers looking to spice up their rides, but still need a multi-purpose machine capable of carrying a wide variety of gear.

Visually, the Sport differs from the rank-and-file Edge in several ways. The blacked-out grille is certainly one telltale sign and the massive 22-inch forged aluminum wheels are another.

Sport clearly pushes the Edge’s envelope in terms of power and content. But it’s not about just adding more.

It’s about putting together the right combination of parts and pieces to create an effective image. And this Edge does exactly that … brilliantly.

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