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Local filmmaker launches “Zombie in a Penguin Suit” mini-movie

Local Director Chris Russell put together a mini-zombie movie with a $1500 budget and help from friends and family.

In one scene, his mom and dad even play dead when the main character, a zombie in a penguin costume, trolls through a church in search of flesh.

The project, which was shot at the former Wonderland Race Track, the New England Aquarium and Mt. Auburn Cemetery, began production last year but launched this week.

“The [race track] was great because basically it looked like a post-apocalyptic landscape,” said Russell.

Shots were also taken in several out-of-state locations, he said, but the brunt of it was done in Boston.

Russell said he made the film because he wanted to show how a zombie gets from point A to point B, which is often never revealed in the average horror-flick.

“I always wondered what got a zombie to where he was, what his journey was like,” said Russell. “I wanted to explore aspects of zombie films that haven’t been done before.”

Russell said in hordes, zombies are “scary and overwhelming,” but when you get down to the individual “it’s very sad.”

“You sort of forget they are humans,” he said. “It makes me wonder what the line is between the living and the dead.”

A former Emerson College student, Russell and his company have some more tricks up their sleeve, but for now, enjoy this Halloween treat.

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